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How To start earning?

It is very easy to start earning with Claimcrypto, it will take you 1 minute to sign up and verify your account, once on your dashboard you will see different ways to earn tokens such as, Offerwalls, PTC Ads, Tasks and more.

Create & Verify Account

To create an account, it's very simple, enter username, email, password and your account is ready.

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Our website have multiple ways to earn money , you can Watch sponsored ADS , do Offerwalls and more.

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Payment Proofs

# Username Address Method Amount
2090 GD_Davi[email protected] 0.01 USD
2089 MIHAIL429[email protected] 0.011 USD
2088 Macam39[email protected] 0.017 USD
2087 barabas777[email protected] 0.0102 USD
2086 stolko59[email protected] 0.01235 USD
2085 kil77[email protected] 0.01071 USD
2084 adhi13[email protected] 0.0178 USD
2083 kil77[email protected] 0.01052 USD
2082 MIHAIL429[email protected] 0.0105 USD
2081 Wahyudi18[email protected] 0.01084 USD
2080 kil77[email protected] 0.01021 USD
2079 MIHAIL429[email protected] 0.0105 USD
2078 kil77[email protected] 0.01082 USD
2077 Segey[email protected] 0.029 USD
2076 joeaket[email protected] 0.07586 USD
2075 kil77[email protected] 0.01332 USD
2074 kil77[email protected] 0.10166 USD
2073 Heywase[email protected] 0.01 USD
2072 JOJOpunk666[email protected] 0.01487 USD
2071 Odnanref[email protected] 0.01 USD

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